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Fragrant breeze and falling shadows
bus rides home in late afternoon
Trees fluttering and wind tells story
a rise in the melody of unfolding
Something primal and forgotten
something so warm and familiar
gentle and close
She wore a pink sweater
sitting next to me
a short divider between us
I find her shoulder leaning
slightly, but firmly on mine
despite empty seats
I am
nervous but longing
scared yet yearning
tense but
to sink into
the comfort
the warmth
of the feminine nudge
I am
and wondering
tense and
waiting for the judgement
of my mind
or the suspicious sideways glance
She is so soft and the perfume
a slight reminder of the living kind
another being wrapped in flesh
So I close my eyes
and feel
It is electric
but calm and submissive
filling my chest
and travelling downwards
sensual and sexual
but more than that
Am I a creep?
I want to believe it is ok
But I don't trust myself
with such a force
Or am I small?
Just an uptight loner making
mountains of the
:iconnostigex:Nostigex 0 0
A Vision
Mind-matrix as an icosohedral divine 'core', emanating white/pinkish light, which is filtered through faces of an expanded, non-contiguous icosohedron (the subconscious), which in turn projects prismatic colored light onto faces of an outermost icosohedron (the conscious, concrete, and personality level). Webs connecting like circuitry between faces of the intermediate, and also the outermost icosohedrons.
Core represents the sum of all Higher Selves, which are immediate to one another, and which are part of a greater, diamond-like whole. Preserves individuality while exulting in the orchestrated dynamics and sheer power of unity. There in fact exists a personalized 'Higher Self', but which bears no separation from, and in fact is an ingredient of, the encompassing godhead. White light indicative of the inclusiveness of shared consciousness, and pinkish sheen as pervading warmth.
Subconscious layer a field of twinkling prisms, at which points the undifferentiated white light separates
:iconnostigex:Nostigex 0 0
Shaman :iconnostigex:Nostigex 0 0
Door flung open wide
Thunder cracking sky
above the concrete I glide
A spring in step,
the horizons fall away
one is all and
all is one
Flick fingers pointed
in rhythm to the beat
matter rearranging at my touch,
yielding the power
Like a spider leap at vibration,
spiraling from the web
out to nexus of
pure essence
Life pumping blood
Blood pumping life
Like liquid poetry
All this in one moment
Right now
Eternal Now
:iconnostigex:Nostigex 0 2
How do I describe
the thirst parching my essence
It drains ever so slowly
Sneaking through backdoors in my head
You hold the cup tenderly to my lips
It tastes of sweet melancholy
Who ever knew
life could feel so right and so wrong
Warmth flows from this paradox you hold
spoken in truth from the depths
flowing as a salve
onto wounds long concealed
No need to hide in shame
No need to look away
You are my tonic,
my nectar,
my love
:iconnostigex:Nostigex 1 0
Femmes :iconnostigex:Nostigex 0 0
Dimensions of Mind
In my understanding, we have three dimensions of mind from which thought and form arise: the subconscious, the conscious, and the superconscious or Higher Self. Within these three dimensions of consciousness, several personalities and subfacets exist, all of which are mutable. A personality is a conglomerate of learned reactions to stimuli, a history, opinions, and inexplicable yet precious quirks. A personality, no matter of what dimension, may possess markedly human characteristics: silly, authoritative, mysterious, enchanting, loving, etc...  
The personalities are subservient to the totality of each dimension they originate from. Accordingly, each dimension of mind is subservient to the one essence of Being, consciousness itself.
Subconscious manifests itself in unconscious habits, expectations, and emotional flavors from our memories. In fact, it seems to store a record of everything that we've ever experienced, consciously or otherwise. It also plays a role in certain t
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Healer :iconnostigex:Nostigex 1 1




United States
Current Residence: Massachusetts
Favourite genre of music: Post-Rock


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